Michael C. Fling, D.D.S. to present "Mastery" - The Stuff that Matters

This dynamic presentation is offered for the entire staff. It is a remarkable day that will elevate your team with purpose and meaning. Dr. Fling's intense energy and passionate delivery will explore the importance of the following:

  • Having Clarity - Understand how having clarity can elevate you to accomplish the impossible.
  • Talent? - Is it the necessity for success?
  • Mentors - Lean on those that mean the most for inspiration.
  • Flexibility - Life changes. Be ready to change with it!
  • Putting it on the Shelf - Learn why "having it" is as important as "doing it".
  • Systems - Systems run the business. People run the systems. Learn why systems and protocols matter.
  • Application/Motivation - Understand the two main reasons that people decide, and learn why people don't apply why they know.
  • Right Place/Right Time - Is it "dumb luck" or do I make my own luck?
  • Passion - Learn how attitude and disposition affect your world.
  • Significance - It is the gift of generosity and relevance that can propel us to greatness.

These lessons can apply to any facet of life or business. It is especially meaningful for our profession. Bring your staff, bring your children, and bring your spouse. You won't want to miss the meaning of Mastery.


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